Cavity Prevention


Our dentist and team here at Somerset Dental Group place special importance on preventing tooth decay. When your child visits our office, we take time to help them understand the importance of maintaining good oral health and teach them the best ways to care for their teeth at home so that they can avoid developing cavities. Call us today at 860-657-5533 to learn more about cavity prevention in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and make an appointment with Dr. Mark Hagopian.


Tooth decay, also known as cavities or dental caries, is one of the most common dental problems worldwide. Tooth decay develops when plaque and bacteria remain on your child’s teeth for long periods of time. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause severe pain, infection and abscesses, and may lead to tooth loss.

Cavities are typically the result of poor oral hygiene or a sugary diet. When your child does not brush and floss their teeth regularly or effectively, the bacteria in their mouth feed on the sugars and carbohydrates that cling to their teeth, developing into plaque and eventually into calculus (tartar). When not removed, plaque causes decay, periodontal disease and other oral health problems. Your child may also experience sensitivity to temperature (such as hot or cold foods and drinks), pain and discomfort as a result of tooth decay.

You can help your child prevent tooth decay by:

  • Teaching them to brush and floss daily. We recommend that you use a fluoridated toothpaste. You may need to help your child brush and floss until they are about age 7 and have developed the motor skills to do so on their own.
  • Keep your child’s regular dental appointments. These routine preventive care treatments are essential for keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy.
  • Ask our dentist about dental sealants and fluoride treatments. These may help protect and strengthen your child’s teeth.
  • Minimize your child’s intake of sugary and starchy foods and help them maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. This will help reduce the quantity of harmful bacteria and acids in their mouth.
  • Have your child use an antibacterial mouth rinse.
  • If your child chews gum, make sure they chew gum containing xylitol. Xylitol has been proven to reduce bacterial growth, strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.

We invite you to contact our office if you notice any signs of tooth decay in your child’s mouth and schedule an appointment with our dentist.