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Somerset Dental Group, Glastonbury, CT – We Love Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Somerset Dental Group – Our professional and friendly staff is here to ensure that your child’s visit is a fun and positive experience. We recommend regular visits for children beginning around their first birthday. Our office is designed to treat infants, children, and teenagers. Our goal is to focus on helping your child achieve a healthy smile and remain cavity free.

Kids Love Coming!

At Somerset Dental we understand many children don’t enjoy going to the dentist. So, our entire staff does everything possible to make all our little patients comfortable during every appointment. And, hopefully we’ll help your child enjoy each and every visit. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our office today.

Your Time is Important!

Glastonbury, CT Pediatric Dentist. “We believe in being on time, all the time. We realize that time is very important in a parent’s busy schedule. We reserve a reasonable amount of time for each patient visit and don’t schedule large number of patients in each time slot.



Prevent Tooth Decay

At Somerset Dental Group – Pediatric Dentistry – we places special importance in preventing tooth decay. Poor oral health care in children can lead to poor performance in school and lead to difficulty in developing healthy social relationships. Our entire staff at SDG gives teaches every patient how to keep teeth strong. And, we show every child how to begin healthy eating habits and countless ways to prevent poor oral health.

Personalized Treatment Options

We offer individualized dental care, focusing on the needs of the individual patient. This allows us time to listen to parent’s questions rather that rush through an appointment. If the patient needs extra time to relax, get numb or play, they’ve got it! If parents have extra questions at the end of a procedure, we encourage them to ask. We are a parent friendly office.”

"Baby Teeth"

Additionally, Somerset Dental Group – Pediatric Dentistry helps your child take care of primary teeth (baby teeth) until they are naturally lost. Primary teeth help children chew properly as well as playing a significant role in speech development. Lastly, primary teeth are critical to maintenance space for the eventual eruption of permanent teeth.

Pediatric Dental Sealants

Q: What are sealants? Sealants protect the surface of your teeth including the grooved and pitted surfaces. Sealants are most useful in protecting back teeth where most cavities in children begin. Sealants are made from a clear plastic like material. Sealants are applied to children’s teeth to help keep them cavity-free.

Q: How do sealants work? It can be very difficult to clean the tiny grooves and pits on the surface of your teeth. If food and eventually bacteria collects in these spaces it may develop into tooth decay. Sealants “seal out” food and plaque, and reduces the risk of your child developing tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatment

Dental Health and Fluoride Treatment – Acids can demineralize your child’s teeth.  For children under the age of six  fluoride protects their teeth and helps the development of permanent teeth.

Services Include

• Computerized Charts • Digital X-rays • Tooth Colored Fillings • Nitrous Oxide
• Habit Appliances • Interceptive Orthodontics • Sealants • Fluoride Varnish